Do I need a VPS?


Hi, I need some advice to see if you need to hire a VPS or other solution to store websites. Currently I have dealt in various hostings about 10 sites, most with wordpress and joomla do with. I would like to unify around a bit and had considered the option of a VPS or something else. would have to be administered as the cpanel I can defend but set a level of security and everything you need to operate not know so. Maybe to store it is not necessary to purchase a VPS so I ask some advice. Thanks
Hi, The first thing to consider is the complexity that a VPS will add to the administration of your sites. Note that it is more complicated to service and update the shared hosting. Reseller Hosting is an excellent choice, as mentioned win again Host System and, where you have to take care of the maintenance and upgrading servers. There are also suppliers where you can buy a hosting account and add the sites you want, but access to the control panel of each site is from the same user account. In these cases you must see which are the best options, considering your knowledge on VPS or facilities that gives you the shared hosting or reseller.

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