The evolution of the web hosting?


The future of web hosting? What will believe that the future of the web hosting? As will evolve and to what extent do you think that will change. And that is what most will change?
We would say that in a shared hosting future large-scale disappear, as prices there today are so cheap that people are already buying and piggybacking themselves VPS control panel and configuration, to a boy of 13 years , you know do this. Greetings.
Web Hosting has grown from fairly humble roots to become the multibillion-dollar industry it is today.

Cloud hosting is undoubtedly the future of the web hosting industry as the demand for it begins to outstrip traditional shared server hosting, which has started to become outdated. The scalability constraints and general inefficiency of shared hosting.

Then there are VPS packages, in my experience are generally woeful and unreliable. I run my sites from a dedicated server, it seamed like this was the most reliable way of hosting one or more sites, the trade off undoubtedly being price.

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