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Nobody is aware that online activity is increasingly dispersed and impossible, besides stupid, trying to avoid the conversation flow in different social environments. So why not try not to miss anything?

One of the most active networks, which have to be yes or yes to share content and conversations is Twitter. If you have a blog you will use to disseminate your contents, but the problem is that sometimes talks would place on your blog are lost , or no messages that you share on Twitter which also would want to have on your blog. So why not integrate Twitter and your blog?

You know that there are many plugins and widgets to display a timeline, but the problem is usually that show many updates at once. The idea that I propose today is rotatably show tweets , as if it were a carousel ticket, but in this case updates on Twitter.

And for that you have Rotating Tweets , a plugin that offers a widget and  shortcode to where we want to show rotating tweets displayed in sequence automatically, so you do not miss anything minimum space.

Using the widget is simple, like any other. Just specify the user who you want to show tweets and some display settings and displayed automatically and a rotating basis.



For the  shortcode it is even easier if I hurry. You simply specify the user and displayed on the page or entry you want:
[rotatingtweets screen_name='your_twitter']


Thanks :)

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