[ Guide ] How to get free traffic and backlinks



I've used this method to gain traffic & backlinks for my websites. Make sure your website is ready and optimized.

  • Go on http://www.google.com/alerts and enter your main keyword to receive updates every day
  • Check your email daily. Google Alerts will send you every site where your keyword exists
  • If you have the right niche, you will get a lot of notifications for it. They are going to be videos, blogs, forums, etc.
  • You need 90-100 alerts a day to get some good traffic. If you don’t get around 100 alerts a day, then select other niches.
  • Open every link one by one. If it is an article, make a discussion about it and post your website there. If it's a forum thread, sign up and put your website in the signature and reply to that thread.
  • Don’t spam the forum, make high-quality posts on the forum, and more people will see your site.

With this method, you are not going to receive traffic only but build your off-page SEO as well by receiving backlinks.

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