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I just redesigned my site & I have a total of five pages on my website. I have updated my pages with keyword-optimized content and added the keyword to meta title and meta description. I'm in the process of adding the alt tags and also need to enable meta tags for the blog posts. Everything is quiet in the process at the moment, and my organic traffic is low.

But I believe that some of the keywords should start moving places for the pages that have been optimized, and they haven't. Is there any reason for this? I believe the services pages which have meta tags should have started ranking at least in a shallow position for the selected keywords. Is there something I'm missing?

Thank you!
The first thing to look at is if those new pages and the latest changes to any pages have even been crawled yet by Google. If not, then that is why you aren't ranking in the top 100 yet.
Hi Dear,

There could be a few reasons why your optimized pages aren't ranking yet. Here are some things to consider:

Time: It can take some time for search engines to crawl and index your updated pages, especially if your site is relatively new or if you haven't updated your site frequently in the past. So, it's possible that you just need to be patient and wait a bit longer for your pages to start ranking.

Competition: If you're targeting keywords that are highly competitive, it may take longer for your pages to rank. You may need to build more backlinks and improve your domain authority to compete with other sites that are also targeting those keywords.

Keyword targeting: Are the keywords you're targeting the most relevant and valuable for your business? It's important to make sure you're targeting keywords that your potential customers are actually searching for and that are relevant to your products or services.

On-page optimization: While you've mentioned that you've optimized your content and meta tags, there may be other on-page factors that are impacting your ability to rank. Make sure your site is mobile-friendly, has a clear site structure, and is optimized for page speed.

Technical issues: There may be technical issues on your site that are impacting your ability to rank. Use tools like Google Search Console to check for crawl errors, broken links, and other technical issues that could be impacting your rankings.

it's important to be patient and continue to monitor your rankings over time. If you're not seeing any improvement after a few weeks or months, it may be time to revisit your keyword strategy and on-page optimization.

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