Do customers give new shared hosting web companies a fair chance?


In my own experience, I have not found that customers think very highly of new web hosting companies (such as resellers) and often prefer to go with the big name companies such as GoDaddy or others who advertise more. Most resellers don't consider this issue before going into business. What are some of the things you can do to make your own start up web hosting company stand out from even the more well known/advertised hosting companies? Is there some benefits you could offer to make yourself unique?
First, you have to ask yourself why a customer would chose yours over Godaddy or the other big guys in the hosting industry. There's already an established reputation there, so you will be up against fierce competition. A better solution might be to buy your own server and set up a professional looking website and start offering corporate hosting, where there is less competition. You won't be competing directly against the thousands of other shared hosting sellers/resellers in the industry.

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