The 20 most common lies of Facebook users


1. Use of profile picture one in which younger salts
2. Delete the photos that bad sales
3. Read articles on applications that will know your profile
4. To "Like" to things to make you look intellectual
5. Retouch an image to look more handsome
6. Send a message to someone you do not know really
7. Writing a state that is a lie
8. Use a profile photo is not you
9. Publish been exaggerating how well spent
10. Lying about your emotional state
11. Send friend requests to someone attractive resultarte
12. Writing a state just to get attention
13. Exaggerating your job
14. Exaggerating qualities
15. tag you in photos of places you have not been
16. Pretending to be more educated than you are
17. Put books, movies and music to seem more fun
18. Post things to keep them in common with people you like
19. Publish a photo with a motorcycle or a car that was not yours
20. Create a photo album that are not real


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