SEO mistakes in e-commerce and how to avoid them


Much more common than you think, the SEO mistakes in e-commerce can bring serious problems to the "findability" of your online store in search engines like Google. In marketing it is a nightmare, since it is known that users accessing e-commerce sites through links on the pages of responses from search engines are the greatest potential for conversion .

What we noticed is that most of the errors in the e-commerce SEO is coming from optimization actions in the single page that are often neglected, especially during product registration.

SEO key errors in e-commerce

Let's look at the list of SEO mistakes more common online stores

The lack of optimization in the architecture of the virtual store: One of the main steps of SEO in electronic commerce is the organization of the site and one of the most common mistakes of SEO in online stores not exploit the potential of this stage optimization. The structure of the virtual store, with its departments and product labels must be integrated into the optimization process and not be relegated to a secondary role.

Friendly URLs : The optimization process of the virtual stores starting at address. The URL of the page is the first contact from users and search engines with the presented content, so it is important that the online store has a good structure to achieve a prominent place in the pages of search engine responses. A friendly URL is a web address that has keywords in its structure:

Incorrect URL:

URL friendly:

An e-commerce no friendly URLs are unlikely to get a good placement in Google.

Duplication of titles: The page title (title meta tag) is one of the most important factors in on-page optimization of a virtual store and also one of the mistakes most common SEO Ecommerce. Each page should have a unique and exclusive so that your website can earn a bachelor's prominent position in Google.Mantener strict control of securities to not suffer any penalty. Periodically check Google Webmaster incidence duplicate titles and resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Description copied product : This is perhaps the error in ecommerce SEO most serious of all. If there's one thing Google hates is the duplicity of content, not only in regard to the web itself, but also in relation to other sites. So the first lesson about the description of products in virtual stores is: Never copy the description of other stores or provided by the manufacturer.

Images are not optimized: The photos are important factors in page optimization, so we should not waste their potential. The name of the image files must include the keyword in their structure - product-tal.jpg - to assist in the optimization process. We can not also forget the Alt meta tag words with words we want to sort.


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