[Tutorial] How to use Wikipedia for SEO


In this tutorial I will explain three ways to use wikipedia for mejorear the SEO of your site.

1. Find broken links and replace them with ours.
Having a backlink from wikipedia is very good for SEO and sometimes to get direct visits.
Many Wikipedia articles are written quite a while and several pages of links no longer exist.
To locate these broken links look on google the following: es.wikipedia.org [keyword] + "broken link"

An example using the word soccer: es.wikipedia.org [football] + "broken link"

We enter the item you want and using ctrl + f seek: broken link

Copy the link will https://archive.org/web/ paste the link there and show us the page I was staying there.

What we will do is create a post with similar content and then edit the Wikipedia article adding our link.

2. Use the planner wikipedia keywords Google

use a Wikipedia article on the planner words show us a solid list of keywords you can use to create posts.

3. Use the product reference to create content.

If we review the reference sites of an article we will see that there are items of all kinds, they can give us ideas for posts on our sites. Because if they are taken from reference by an editor should have good quality and good SEO to have been found

That's it, I hope you have been helpful, thanks for reading.

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