Get two free backlinks Alexa (PR7, DA94, proper anchors and dofollow)


Very good for all users of this forum, I have a trick to SEO very good, does is get two BACKLINKS absolutely free with PR7 , DA94 and most importantly! DoFollow!

in this tutorial, we will explain how the process to get two backlinks on the alexa website.

Steps to get 2 FREE Backlincks Alexa:

STEP 1: We entered the website

STEP 2: We click on "Create New Account" button at the top right. 

STEP 3: Fill in the form only putting your mail and subsequently giving the "Create" button.

STEP 4: Activate the link has to be to reach our inbox (If not, look in the spam folder).

STEP 5: Once the activated form, it will take you to a page to set your account password, enter the password in the first field and again to repeat it in the second, then click "Submit Password". 

STEP 6: Once inside the main screen website, we will give click on "My Dashboard" that is in the top menu.

STEP 7: In the dashboard, click the "+ Add my site" button at top right.

STEP 8: Enter your website in the input that appears and then click on "View Plans & Pricing".

STEP 9: When you added the web site, you'll be directed to a website to choose a plan, choose the basic plan and click on "Start Free Trial".

STEP 10: Elected plan, tap "Subscribe for the monthly payment" (Do not be afraid, do not charge anything, and this is where the trick is to select the Paypal option without fear lol).

STEP 11: You enter your PayPal email and password to proceed with the subscription.

STEP 12: Now accepts a kind of conditions that you, as they will charge every month to your Paypal account money. (Still no fear, as we are doing all this for free).

Step 13: After pressing the "Agree" button, you will be automatically redirected in 60 seconds on your Dashboard, if you do not want to wait those 60 seconds, click yourself on the top of the "My Dashboard" menu.

STEP 14: We need to verify that the site is ours, which is why alexa provides a code, we should insert in the <head> of our website. To do this in our Dashboard, we click on "GET CERTIFIED".

Step 15: Copy and paste the code in our <head>. 

** The alexa itself gives you ways to embed the code on your website according to the CMS you use, if you can not enter the code in your head, you're likely to have to need help that gives you the alexa to insert the code itself, as it provides you plugins for different CMS, I always prefer to insert the code myself in the <head> and saving me more plugins installed. **

STEP 16: Once you have the code correctly embedded in your website, you click on the "Scan my site" button will popup a kind of charging. 

STEP 17: Once the load, it will take you to a page where you can see the verification process, but hey, that we do not care, hehe, once we miss all the above steps, and we have to stop adding 2 backlincks completely free and with your own text anchors, for this go upstairs where our mail is, we deploy the giving to the arrow and click on "Account Management" menu.

STEP 18: We click on "Site Setting" in the left part of the site. 

STEP 19: Now leave your site and a site under options, as we click on "Edit site listing".

STEP 20: Touch when all you expected, add the two Backlincks. For this I leave a picture of how you have to fill out the form.


** As you can see there are many more fields to fill, but I only fill the post above ... Since others do not influence anything, it's up to each one to fill it or not **

STEP 21: Once the fields are filled with your information, we went down and we click on the "Save changes" button and then we click on "OK" to accept the changes have been saved and we will have our backlincks published. 

STEP 22: These steps I show below are very important, because if you do these steps, charged $ 9.99 each month. We are going to our PayPal account and start meeting (Of this I am not going to put that image we all know is supposed to log on to Paypal haha).

STEP 23: Once you've logged into our PayPal account, we will our profile by clicking on the top menu where it says "Profile". 

STEP 24: In our profile, click on "Financial Information" on the left, and then you click on "Update", right where it says: "preapproved payments". 

STEP 25: Click now where it says "Alexa Internet, Inc".

STEP 26: Now lower down the page and click on the button that says "unsubscribe". 

STEP 27: Confirm that you want unsubscribe again by clicking on "unsubscribe". 

** Remember that these are important steps to have these backlincks for free, if you do not cancel your subscription, you will be charged $ 9.99 / month **

Well, this was my first SEO tutorial on how to get 2 backlincks completely free, building that has Alexa testing service seven days.

Some clarifications

Many will say inside ... But when Alexa realizes that no payment, I will remove the backlinkcs! BECAUSE NO! Alexa still leaves the backlincks but not pay, they stay there for life.

As I said earlier, are two pretty good Backlincks as they have the option of putting your own anchor text, has a PageRank of 7 and a Domain Autorithy of 94 and above all ... ARE DoFollow!

Greetings and hope you like!
Thanks Hancock!

Very attractive! I will try it on my personal hobby website and will update this thread once i have done it.


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