Looking for suggestions for a new link structure for my website


Hello all,

I'm currently working on the new link structure for our website. We currently organize our content in a subfolder.

= Main category
= = Sub category
= = = Specialty
= = = Product main name
= = = == Product specific name
= = = == = Manufacturer

Each of them has some potential strong KW and I will be happy to use it on the URL.
URL is more than 50 keywords long when I use all
This is a very niche item for which people may refer to them through different names (potential folders)

My current concerns will be
  • Should we make long URL respecting the structure (Main category)/(Subcategory)/(Specialty)/(Product main name)/(Product specific name)/(manufacturer)
  • Should I combine some like (Main category)/(Subcategory)/(Specialty)/(Product main name)/(Product specific name)-(manufacturer)
  • Should I keep them simple /(product_main name)
  • Should I keep the main folders just to display the articles belonging to this category (Main category)/(Subcategory)/(Specialty)/(Product main name) and then keep the product under a subfolder only?

Any other idea?

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