My website rank has dropped due to negative SEO



My website has dropped a lot, suddenly, in mid-Aug. According to search console, impressions and click have been divided by two. What is weird is that I did absolutely NOTHING on my website for a few months, no update at all. But I noticed that my website got a lot of new (since 3 months) negative backlinks. So I was wondering if a massive negative SEO attack can make a website's impression drop from 1300 to 600? I read some posts about negative SEO and they almost all say the impact is superficial. That is why I don't really take time to disallow links (I used to do it). And how long will it take after I disallow negative domains to the traffic to be like before?

Thank you for your advice.
These days, it's about as hard to accomplish negative SEO as it is to do regular SEO, so I wouldn't think that's what caused your problem. What happened back at the end of March when you dropped and then came back up?

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