How to return a WordPress installation to its initial state


I know it may sound crazy, but there are times when you need to return a WordPress installation to its original state with the database completely free of content and customizations.

There are situations where, after a period of testing, you want to return an installation at first, eliminating all you've done along the way, and you do not erase everything and return to the beginning, fortunately.

For example, if you create a site for testing themes or plugins, or if you start a project, and after the first experiments, you want to come at first but removing all garbage tables plugins and other customizations are no longer involved.

A clean method, especially very fast is to use the plugin called WordPress Database Reset . Once you have installed a simple, at the same time dangerous radical at their utility, screen settings.


The best of the plugin is not only true for this radical function which I have spoken, but it is also a good way to clear gunk that builds up in tables as wp_options.

In the setting page located in "Tools -> Database Reset" you can, for it, choose a table or all (by clicking on"Select all"). Then the plugin generates a random string of text that should enter the next box and, finally, press the button Reset Database.

If you choose a table just simply clean their default settings, which also has its risks, of course. But if you choose all the cleaning is complete, then it removes users, posts, pages, any configuration, everything. All that will remain will be the initial admin user entry, default page and comment any WordPress installation.

Of course, there is no undo button, so you better before using have an updated backup of the database, if the regrets, you know.
The plugin works great so there will be no turning back, so use it only for very special situations.

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