Change the permissions to files and folders


One of the basic security measures on a server, and of course WordPress, is properly set permissions on files and folders . The standard installation of WordPress normally assigned appropriate permissions to files and folders, but sometimes we find surprises.

Either by manual modifications we do not remember, or uncontrolled access, or because of changes made ​​by plugins and scripts, sometimes not all WordPress files and folders have the appropriate permissions to ensure both usability and security.

Fortunately there are constants WordPress we can add to our configuration file ( wp-config.php ) to suddenly change all permissions to files and folders of the installation.

Just include the following code to your WordPress configuration file and save the changes to make magic:
1 / ** Change permissions of files and folders automatically * /
2 define ( 'FS_CHMOD_FILE' , 0644);
3 define ( 'FS_CHMOD_DIR' , 0755);

In the above code change the permissions to those who should have by default but if you're Specialist with security issues or whatever you want simply put the permissions you want to apply to your liking.

However, they caution, because this is a modification rather lies l, and maybe even some plugins or features of the active theme does not work well or stop working altogether after making the changes, as sometimes require some folders or files with special permits, so be careful before making changes in mass like that has this code.

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