How can i recover my eCommerce website ranking?



My eCommerce website was in first to third in ranking for most of the keywords. But recently I have lost a lot of rankings. Almost all of my products removed from Google Search. Upon investigating further, I have noticed that Google has selected random canonicals for my pages. I'm using page links for canonicals. Google says "Duplicate, submitted URL not selected as canonical" and selects my homepage as Google Selected Canonical.

Another problem is that Google shows Redirect for perfectly fine pages with no redirects. Even though the page below is not redirected and canonical is the same as the page link, Google is not indexing it saying "Page with redirect" and shows Homepage as canonical. Does anyone know the solution? What should I do further? I'm open to all suggestions.

Thank you in advance for all your help.

I think there is a lot of products on your eCommerce website with almost duplicated content, so Google doesn't know which product or content should be indexed. Try to create some fresh and new content.

hope that helps
What are you doing to point each product in canonical URL?
if you have done it manually for the individual product then it should be alright jus resubmit sitemap and reindex.
if you have done it single and general then you might want to redo everything.

Other than that remove duplicate products why would you even need a duplicate product if that's version, list it in version.

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