Linkbuilding for new web start, I need advice


Last week created a new website (microniche) and created three articles, and I'll start making seo. I have read that you have to let go a week without doing anything so there naturally, and the second start leaving backlinks with diversity and such, but do not have much strength. How many backlinks leave a day ?? I find sites that link to leave and do not have much strength ??
A good trick is to publish indexing in Google Plus, or make a good article and index from Wikipedia.
The important thing to look natural is not to use a mathematical formula such as "the first month 1 a day, the second month 5 a day, the third month 20 a day." For what seems natural is important a large component of randomness. Create links random without going for a while, and gradually increase as the number increases traffic, but without following a traceable pattern by a robot. And if you spend days in between they are new links, absolutely nothing happens, on the contrary, more natural.

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