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I use VPN, TOR, different extensions for my browser. And recently i found out about Utopia, new secured decentralized ucosystem, they at beta now and paying money for finding bugs, improvements and so on. Did someone participate in such activities? Open beta testings and maybe closed ones, is it profitable? Did you get money from it? And that you do for your security?
It's hard to say at once if it's really secured or not. But as I can see anyone can participate in beta and even earn some crypto.
So I think it's worth trying.
I have been testing Utopia for a while. The system includes a REALLY secure messenger. It is committed to protecting my privacy and the security of my data. Plus, Utopia has the built-in Idyll browser and it seems like a decent alternative to the Tor browser. By the way, do you have any information about the devs? Why do they keep their names secret?
If the devs will tell their names they could get under pressure. A lot of governments are against of any kind of encryption now and wanna have an access to all the data. No one could explain them that it's impossible to get any user's info even for devs. So they can be forced to close the app. And no one wants it.
There are about 3 or 4 ways for getting bonuses. You can promote soft, give your ideas on improving the soft, find bugs and earn on affiliate. You can find all possible ways more detailed on their beta website. Good luck!
Personally i would say VPN, TOR are really good, but i should also check Utopia mentioned above, never heard of it before

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