how can i stop google to index a half made website?


Hi all,

I have purchased a domain and I am making a website that I have in development. I go little by little, but a doubt arises. Is it convenient for Google to detect my website from now on and start positioning or indexing, no matter how slow the process is, and even though the web is not finished? It would be convenient that until the website is finished, that Google did not index it and did not take it into account?

The question arises because on the web right now I'm trying different things and content, and I speak of different sectors that have nothing to do. Anyway ... a curiosity that I would like to solve.

Thank you.
I would recommend you to put a disallow in the robots.txt of the website until you complete the website:
User-agent: * 
Disallow: /
The page indexed by Google is deleted or its address (URL) is changed, and
The website on which the problematic page is (was) located is verified with Google Webmaster Tools.

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