Does anybody know how to remove bad links to my website?


I was wondering if somebody could advice me what to do about removing bad links to my website.

It would appear that somebody has hacked a legit website and attached every page (or at least the majority of them) of one of my websites on to its url (but hidden in the website's image folder). They have basically copied the exact code from my web pages.

I'm not really concerned about these illegally copied pages competing with my own (because they aren't ranking well), what concerns me is the bad links it is sending to my website. Because they are using exactly the same code, I've got over 2,000 external links from this hacked website.

I'm sure you guys will know more about this than me, but I fear that Google will interpret these as spam links and this will have an impact on my search engine rankings.

Does anybody know if this is the case and what course of action it would be best to undertake?
Google is usually pretty good about identifying spammy links without penalizing the target website. If your site has a good reputation you should not have anything to worry about as far as being penalized goes. In the mean time, if I were you I would totally want those links disavowed. I hope this helps.

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