Could we still get hit with a google plagiarism penalty?


Hi All,

I'm the webmaster for a small community service organization. We're overseen by a larger organization that has their own website separate from ours. The boss of our small group wants to repost a blog post from our larger parent organization. I told the boss that would be risky cuz google could detect it as plagiarism and penalize our website. We could easily get permission to repost the article but I'm still worried about google slamming us with a plagiarism penalty. If I include this text "This article reposted with permission from __" will google see it clearly and not give us any penalty? Or could we still get hit with a google plagiarism penalty even with the disclaimer text?

We've worked hard to get good rankings and I'm very nervous about anything that could damage our good SEO.

Your feedback most appreciated. Thanks!

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