How to create stripe account in India or any unsupported country


You can easily use stripe in India or any unsupported country using the following procedure:

The requirements for Stripe account are:

US Bank Account
US Postal Address
To get US Bank Account without going to US you can use 

Payoneer -  Get $25 free on signup:

It provides you with a Virtual US Bank account which can be used in Stripe. It automatically transfers the money to your local bank account.

To get a US postal address you can use many online services. The one which is free and only charges when receive any package is:

US Mail & Package Forwarding Service :

SSN - Use 0000 as ssn and they will ask for some proof like Passport etc.

Hurray! now you have a working stripe account.

So, how much one ends up paying per transaction using this method? 

It is actually same as one pays for 2Checkout, Paypal, Paypro etc. Most of the payment gateways charge more than 5% per transaction. Using stripe plus payoneer you end up paying 5.6% (2.6% + 3%) which is almost same as others.
Well Now India is supported by stripe which is a good thing but that's still good way for unsupported countries.

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