How do you attract the noobie webmaster?


One of the best sources of business for any hosting company are new webmasters or people who have never before owned a website. But, how do you convince them that your hosting options are better than going to Wix and starting a free site or blog?
You should emphasize the services and features that you offer which are not offered by Wix or other premade type template sites. For instance, most hosting companies offer Softaculous that allows for any of hundreds of script installations including Wordpress and Joomla. If you go with Wix or Weebly, then you are limited to the blog or site style they offer. Also no way to install more scripts such as for email marketing. So you have a lot more to offer the newcomer than any of these other sites do if you are offering hosting.
Most of these new webmasters would appreciate any type of training that you might be able to provide to make the transition to the online world easier. Not everyone is naturally gifted at knowing how to build or manage a site and anything you can offer in the way of information would likely be appreciated.

You could offer a free webmaster training for the noobie including online video and written tutorials that are only available to the person who subscribes to your hosting. For instance, they would pay for a month and then have instant access to the Webmaster University that shows how to do everything from install a forum to market a website. This would be a unique advantage that most newcomers would enjoy that is not currently offered by other Wix type sites.
Before you target the new webmaster, ask yourself what you offer that other hosting companies don't. Maybe you offer more bandwidth/traffic. If so, you might instead target only new forum owners, that is people who are starting a forum and want to maximize their traffic so as to avoid outages. This would be a good way to refine your niche so that you are not competing with everyone else for this market.

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